About us

Hi! I would like to introduce my team and our project. Our team is focused on Amazon affiliate stores developed in WordPress – a popular free open source system. We use WordPress owing to its simplicity, convenience in usage and service, its additional plug-ins and other advantages which you can get while running your webstore. We are glad to offer you ready Amazon affiliate stores our clients call “the greatest ones we’ve ever seen”.

How did we come to it? Once upon a time I decided to start my own business – the one that could provide a passive income, sufficient profits and free time. Unsurprisingly, the first thing that came up to my mind was Amazon – a reliable business partner with its extremely popular and most respected affiliate program, already chosen by over 900,000 associates who made $1.560,000,000 during the last year only. I was going to buy a turnkey Amazon affiliate store and thought nothing could be easier. But I faced an unexpected problem: the quality of all sites I looked through left much to be desired. Being a perfectionist (and a developer with higher education, btw) I was looking for a great design, clean code, high speed and good usability. Yes, that simple. But the whole overloaded ecommerce market could not offer me a single website corresponding to my demands. That’s why I decided to make it on my own. So I did and was quite satisfied with the result, especially when I began receiving regular cheques from Amazon giving me bread and butter with the desired freedom. Then several friends of mine asked me to create sites for them. They were impressed by the quality and began persuading me to develop webstores for sale. And I decided to try. I began the business alone, but very soon could not cope with the incoming orders: people liked my products and spread the world about it. That’s why in several months I engaged my friends (a designer and a developer) to assist me. And the team went on growing in parallel with customers’ demand and positive word-of-mouth.

By now my team consists of two designers, four developers, two copywriters, two support managers, a marketer and a SEO expert. Most of these people are my fellow students who share my values. And they are people I trust.

In our work we follow 7 basic principles:

  1. Love your customers and love what you do.
  2. Focus on the quality of your product: code, speed, usability, etc.
  3. Create outstanding websites with memorable design.
  4. Follow all new ecommerce and web development trends.
  5. Help your customers make a great start.
  6. Provide a life-long support and service.
  7. Practice an individual approach.

Our experience helps us to solve any customers’ tasks (even most complicated ones) in the shortest possible time. By common efforts we have already created more than 1000 webstores – and we are not going to stop. We make friends with all our customers, and after their webstores are released, they use to turn to us for more and more stores and additional services.

If you want to start your own affiliate business, order a custom webstore.